Razer Diamondback

Razer Diamondback 6.02

RAZER DIAMONDBACK maximizes gameplay with incredible accuracy and precision
6.02 (See all)

With an unprecedented optical resolution of 1600 dpi, the RAZER DIAMONDBACK is the crucial tactical advantage for amateur and professional gamers of all levels.
The RAZER DIAMONDBACK maximizes gameplay for hardcore gamers by providing incredible accuracy and precision coupled with a mind-blowing speed of up to 40 inches per second the smallest of movements are translated on the screen instantaneously via the 16-bit ultra-band data path. Mouse sensitivity can be adjusted on the fly – an advanced driver tool to optimize gameplay performance.
The Razer has 19 programmed sensitivity settings, 1-10, including all 9 half-stops. Select your default preference - and we’d suggest starting at the slower end of the range. As you get used to the Razer Diamondback™, your speed and acuity will improve, and you can heighten the sensitivity as you progress.
Activate ON-THE-FLY to change the sensitivity settings without the need to enter the configuration menu. Just hold button 4 while moving the scroll wheel forward/back to increase/decrease sensitivity.
Activating the SHOW ON-SCREEN option will allow you to see a small display indicating the sensitivity range whenever you make changes on-the-fly.

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